Limestone Medical Center (LMC) Swing Bed Program

What is Swing Bed?

  • Swing Bed is a program designed to provide additional skilled nursing care, physical, occupational & speech therapy & cardiopulmonary rehab to patients needing extra time, care and/or therapy to heal before returning home.
  • The Swing Bed Program allows patients to continue their post-acute care at Limestone Medical Center. This option ensures continuity of care for patients needing skilled care by keeping them in the same facility with the same doctors, nurses and therapist. If any emergency arises during rehab, patients can return to acute care, remaining in the same room if appropriate.
  • Our Swing Bed Program provides the same services as the skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) at other health care facilities such as nursing homes.
  • Our Swing Bed Patients have access to an onsite Emergency Department Physician/ Hospitalist 24 hours a day if medically necessary.
  • Our Swing Bed Patients have access to an onsite Lab, Radiology and Respiratory Department.


Who is appropriate for Swing Bed

Patients that have stayed in acute care at Limestone Medical Center or ANY other acute care hospital for at least three consecutive midnights.


  • Patients recovering from major surgery, joint replacement or abdominal and vascular procedures.
  • Patients recovering from a CVA.
  • Patients that have been hospitalized due to illness or injury, that are weak and have had a decline in their prior level of function.
  • Patients with infection that require additional days of Intravenous antibiotics short-term or long-term.


Do I have a choice?

You have a choice on where you continue your post-acute care. You have to make you desires known by voicing that you want to continue your care at LMC!

Is Swing Bed covered by insurance?

Swing bed is covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans & many Commercial Insurance Plans. Even if we are not on a list provided by your acute care facility or insurance company, it is very likely we DO ACCEPT your insurance.

If you are interested in the Swing Bed program at Limestone Medical Center, please contact Brandy Kennedy, RN at 254-729-3281 Ext 2320. Referrals may be faxed to 254-729-4306.