Limestone Medical Center is now offering a seamless, CD Free approach to sharing Radiology Imaging Records with Providers. Partnering with Pocket Health, Providers can now access Radiology Images in diagnostic quality through a secure website. When a Provider or Patient requests records, an Access Page will be generated. This Access page can be sent directly to the requesting Provider or given to the Patient to take with them to their Provider. Providers will have the ability to view or import the Radiology Images. Please contact Medical Records to request Radiology Images at 254-729-3281 ext. 5017 or you may fax a Request for Images to 254-729-3296. This service is at NO FEE to the Patient or Provider.


Patients also have the ability to enroll with Pocket Health for Personal Access to their Imaging Records. With this enrollment, Patients have the freedom to view and share their imaging records as needed. There is a $5 fee at the time of enrollment which includes permanent access to all previous imaging and any new exams within 2 weeks of enrollment. You can update your new imaging records anytime for an additional $5. For frequent users or families, a yearly subscription of $49 is also available to access all existing and future imaging records. To enroll, visit