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Grill Menu

Chef Salad-------------$5.00

Chicken Strip Salad------$5.00

3 Chicken Strips

w/ Gravy, Fries,

Salad, & Toast----------$5.00

4 Steak Fingers

w/ Gravy, Fries,

Salad, & Toast ---------$5.00


CF Steak Sandwich-----$4.00 (Tues. only)

Baked Potato -----------$3.50

All EXTRA Condiments, Butter

Salad Dressing, Sour Cream,

and Crackers ------------0.25

Chili Cheese Fries--------$3.50

Frito Pie-----------------$3.50

B.L.T. Sandwich ---------$4.00

Mozzarella Sticks--------4 for $2.00/ 1 sauce

Fried Pickles-------------$3.00

Hamburger ----------------$3.75

Grill Chicken Sandwich------$4.00

Ham & Cheese Sandwich-----$2.50

Tuna Salad Sandwich--------$2.50

Chicken Salad Sandwich-----$2.50

Turkey & Swiss Sandwich----$2.50

Grill Ham & Cheese Sandwich-$3.00

Grill Cheese Sandwich-------$2.00

Pimento Cheese Sandwich----$2.00

Peppers Cheddar-----3 for---$1.25

Broccoli Cheese Bites-----3 for---$1.25

French Fries----------------1.00

Onion Rings-----------------$1.00

Bottled Water---------------$1.00

Potato Chips----------------$1.00

Tater Tots ------------------$1.00

Mozzarella Sticks------------4 for $2.00/ 1 sauce

Popcorn Chicken-------------Sm $2.50 w/1 sauce

Popcorn Chicken-------------Lg $3.50 w/2 sauces

Popcorn Chicken-------------Sm Basket $4.00

Popcorn Chicken-------------Lg Basket  $5.00